Ecological Certificate in Oils

Almost all environmental labeling systems are built on the life cycle of products. First of all, the effects of products and services on human health and nature are revealed through life cycle analyzes. These analyzes help to elaborate the environmental impact of products or services on production, use and waste. The raw materials and energy inputs of the products, production processes, packaging, storage and shipment after the completion of production, presentation and consumption to the consumers and finally the disposal of them as waste after use, in other words, the whole life cycle of a product, are analyzed in terms of environmental impacts.

Reduction of raw material and energy consumption in production stages, non-use of toxic chemicals, reduction of the amount of toxic substances in all emissions and wastes, minimizing the negative effects of the products during the whole life cycle described above, all countries are acting with caution and environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources. is concerned.

Among the product groups in the Eco-Label system developed by the European Union are oils. The lubricants product range includes non-returnable lubricants such as grease, hydraulic oils, two-stroke engine oils, saw oils, concrete separators and the like, which are commercially available for use by professional users and individual consumers.

Developed by our organization Ekomark © Standard also, provided that it meets the criteria specified for the industrial oils product group. Ekomark © Tag use. Ekomark © Tag used oils have the lowest impact on water and soil in nature when used. These oils have low carbon dioxide emissions. The rate of renewable raw materials used in production is high. It does not contain certain harmful substances indicated in the criteria. In addition, these oils have a high performance guarantee.

The objective of Ekomark © Standard is to protect human health and natural conditions. Soon the environmental label law will be enacted within the framework of the European Union. In order to be prepared in this sense, it will be in the best interests of the companies to establish Ekomark © Standard for their industrial oils and to obtain the Ekomark © Label for their products.


Different information on ecological certification may be required in oils. For more information about this and the Ekomark © Tag, you can apply to our company immediately.

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