Ekomark © Policies

Nature is polluted and it is the obligation of all people and all public or private organizations to prevent further pollution of nature. While preparing the Ekomark © Standard, our company primarily aimed to protect the natural resources of our country and the establishment of a sustainable consumption approach.

The policies of our organization in this study can be explained as follows:

  • Production facilities and enterprises should adopt a sustainable production approach. We are trying to harmonize the environmental protection measures developed by all responsible institutions, especially the European Union, with the approach of our organization.
  • Our company foresees that the criteria of Ekomark © Standard should be preventive, not restorative. Problems should be prevented before they occur and our organization develops environmental policies in this direction.
  • In accordance with the environmental policies of our organization, if there is any doubt about the results of any activity that will have negative impact on the environment, precautions should be taken to prevent this activity, even if it is not scientifically proven.
  • Finally, an environmental policy motivated by our organization is to make consumers aware of environmental protection and human health.

Groundwater and surface waters are polluted as natural resources. Pollution of drinking and potable water hits both livestock and agricultural activities. Toxic wastes must not be mixed with water. Global warming and ozone depletion is the result of the emission of toxic gases and must be kept under the control of motor vehicles, companies, and this pollution must be prevented. Use of all kinds of chemical products and hazardous substances should be limited. This is important not only for air pollution but also for human health. Again, environmentally threatening wastes must be collected, disposed of, processed and recycled.

Our organization is aware of these great dangers in terms of human health and protection of nature and tries to fulfill its social responsibility with the policies it pursues. With this approach Ekomark © Standard has been developed and used for the promotion and marketing of these products and services to companies that prove that they meet the necessary criteria for human health and environmental protection. Ekomark © Tag allow use.


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