Management Commitment

Our organization has prepared the Ekomark © Standard in a completely unique way, based on the conditions of our country, consumption habits, production methods and activities of enterprises and applicable legal regulations, valid in the national and international arena. Our country has not yet enacted the environmental law required within the scope of the European Union directives. In today's conditions, an ecological label system is not officially implemented in our country. For this reason, our organization has been accredited to a foreign accreditation body, and based on the authorization it has received, it gives permission to use the Ekomark © Label to use in the promotion and advertising activities of their products and services to the companies that make their products and services in accordance with the criteria required by the Ekomark © Standard.

Although the activities performed by our organization are seen as a certification activity, these activities should not be perceived as a quality system. Therefore, it is not given a certificate similar to the quality certificate of the companies deemed appropriate only for the use of products and services in the promotion and advertising activities Ekomark © Tag use. This is a license. It therefore proves that it does not have a detrimental effect on human health and environmental conditions, not on the quality of the products bearing this label. Of course, to a certain extent, it can be mentioned that the products and services bearing this label are of good quality.

For this reason, the management of our organization, not the quality of products, is produced in natural ways, no harm is given to the nature during the production, the health of people who consume this product will not harm, product packaging will be destroyed in nature spontaneously and in a short time, the packaging is recycled.

Briefly, the management commitment is that the nature is protected, not harmed or kept at a minimum level throughout the life cycle from the raw material input of the product to the production stages, packaging, storage, transportation, consumption and destruction of waste.

Our management commitment is to ensure sustainable production activities. Ekomark © Standardis to protect nature. It aims to leave a cleaner world to future generations through sustainable production activities. Ekomark © management is committed to transferring natural resources to future generations without ignoring today's needs.


Different information about the management commitment of our organization may be needed. For more information about this subject and Ekomark © Standard, please contact us immediately.

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