Environmental Benefits

Some researches show that this sensitivity is used today as a marketing tool due to the increasing interest in ecological products. This inevitably creates a serious reliability issue for these products and services. Aliens call this approach greenwash, so don't show green. Such activities are misleading consumers about a company's products or services or environmental actions. In this case, it is not understood whether a product is an ecological product or an ecological display. However, consumers may still receive a number of signals. For example, if there is emphasis on a single feature of products or services rather than a general environmental analysis, or if the firm cannot provide clear evidence, these situations should be suspicious. If there are uncertainties in the company's disclosures that may lead to misunderstandings, or if there are unwarranted allegations on different issues, these behaviors should also raise suspicion. Some companies try to draw the attention of the consumer to another point by emphasizing less important than two different effects.

Therefore, when choosing products that can be preferred in terms of human health and protection of the environment, not only a single environmental factor, but also multiple environmental factors should be taken into account in a way that does not miss the whole. Consumers have to choose according to the environmental gain values ​​of the products. For this, it is important to have an ecological label on the product or service.

Our company has developed Ekomark © Standard based on this idea. Products and services in terms of human health and environmental protection Ekomark © Standard companies that prove that they meet the criteria, these products and services Ekomark © Tag are allowed to use Ekomark © Products that carry the label have been proven to operate in accordance with methods that do not harm the environment throughout the life cycle of the products, not only in the production stages, but also from raw material entry to completion, packaging, storage and even to the consumer's table.

The greatest environmental gain is the protection of nature. There is much work to be done today to leave a cleaner and livable world for future generations. In the first place, over-consumption of natural resources should be prevented and sustained.


Different information about environmental gains may be needed. For more information about this and the Ekomark © Tag, you can apply to our company immediately.

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