Natural resources form the basis of life. Water, air, soil, animals, mines and vegetation are the most basic natural resources. Although it may not seem to end, these resources are rapidly decreasing due to irresponsible and unconscious use of people. The task for people and organizations should be to protect, not to destroy, natural resources.

The wastes left by humans and businesses to nature for years have led to the reduction and even destruction of the species living there. Of course, industrial facilities are needed for the development of our country, but the important thing is to use resources sparingly and without pollution. Harmful wastes left in the soil have caused the soil to lose its properties and become inefficient. The soil is deprived of vegetation and desertified. Water resources, forests and underground wealth are also diminishing as a result of unconscious consumption. Natural resources are the cause of life for humans and all living things, but natural resources are depleted and living life is approaching a halt.

Besides the depletion of natural resources, the ozone depletion, the start of climate changes, the start of global warming and the melting of glaciers are all the greater dangers that trigger each other. The world is dying and a picture that is not at all welcome for the next generations.

In developed countries that are aware of these facts, many studies have been initiated to protect nature and are being carried out seriously. The European Union also developed an ecological label system in 1992 and started the Eco-Label application. The products and services sent to the European Union countries must comply with the criteria explained on the basis of the determined product groups. The Eco-Label is an ecological label that identifies products and services with this feature. Over time, this practice began to be accepted in other countries.

In addition, within the scope of the efforts to enter the European Union, an environmental law was requested from our country. Studies in this direction are in progress. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has been assigned in this regard.

An environmental law has not yet been enacted and ecological labeling has not been officially started in our country. However, our organization has developed the Ekomark © Standard to be prepared today. products and services in terms of human health and environmental protection. Ekomark © Standard companies that prove that they meet the criteria, these products and services Ekomark © Tag are allowed to use


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