ECO Friendly - Eco-Friendly Certificate

ECO Friendly - Eco-Friendly Certificate ECO Friendly - Eco-Friendly Certificate

The ECO Friendly Eco-Friendly Certificate helps manufacturers to promote eco-friendly products with a single sign directly, quickly and efficiently. The content of recycling materials, the use of non-hazardous materials and energy efficiency performance are important factors in consumer perceptions of IT products. Environment is an important factor in showing sustainability and brand loyalty. They want to use environmentally friendly products as part of a sustainable approach in the world.
Ecological Label Products based on various environmental sensitivity criteria such as ECOmark® are more preferred in the world and in our country.

Reuse and Recycle
Conserving Resources
Conserving Energy
Simple Waste Processing
Environmental Protection
Long Time Use

The ECO Friendly Eco-Friendly Document will often guide end-users and buyers in identifying green and sustainable products in the crowded marketplace. Voluntary for consumer products is a sustainable sign. The ECO Friendly Environment Friendly Certificate aims to minimize the impact of consumer products on the environment, together with the relevant certification requirements. It works with the relevant certification requirements to ensure compliance with various sustainability regulations and requirements.

ECO Friendly Eco-Friendly Certificate is the mark given to products where controlled and certified products produced without using any chemical inputs, additives and methods harmful to human and ecosystem in all stages of industrial and agricultural products are approved by ECOmark®.

By the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Regulation on the Principles and Application of Organic Agriculture was issued in 2010. The purpose of this regulation is to determine the principles for conducting organic agricultural activities, regulating, developing and disseminating organic agricultural production and marketing and preserving ecological balance.

ECO Friendly product or organic product, certified in accordance with the regulations and annexes, from seed to harvest and harvest to the hands of the consumer in all processes of production harmful to human health without any chemical input or additive or method that is produced without harm to organisms and nature They are the product. Non-agricultural products are healthy products based on natural degradability produced by chemical inputs without any harm to human health.

By using ECO Friendly products, the right to consume healthy products in terms of mental and physical health and the right to food security are utilized. Natural resources, especially soil, water and energy, are preserved. Nature is used in a sustainable way. The ecosystem is not damaged. Biodiversity is preserved. A healthier and livable world will be left for future generations.

You can contact ECOmark® for ECO Friendly certification.

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