Service Eco Certification

Developed in an original way by our organization Ekomark © Standardnot only for products, but also for services, Ekomark © Tag It is given.

Today, Ekomark © Tag is given to businesses in only two service branches. These are camping sites and tourist accommodation facilities.

The campsites service product line includes the provision of well-equipped parking spaces with mobile accommodation infrastructure to customers as a main service for a fee. The campsites also include community accommodation in a specific area suitable for providing shelter to customers.

If the organizations operating such a camp site receive the Ekomark © Tag, it is stated that energy consumption is limited in the camp area, water consumption is under control, waste production in the camp site is kept low and waste is disposed of by using the correct methods, and renewable resources and environment and finally serving in a healthy environment in the camp area.

The product range of touristic accommodation facilities includes the provision of suitably equipped rooms, which are suitable for safe overnight stays, with at least one bed, to customers, tourists and travelers as a main service for a fee. Night-time accommodation, dining, sports and entertainment activities can also be entered.

If the organizations operating such a touristic accommodation facility receive the Ekomark © Label, it is ensured that energy consumption is kept to a minimum, water consumption is under control, waste production in the plants is kept low and wastes are disposed appropriately, and renewable resources and less harmful substances are used in and around the plants. and finally proves that the facilities are serviced in a healthy environment.

Environmental label The aim of the application is to provide consumers access to greener products and services. Consumers can easily identify a product or service with the Ekomark © Tag. This system, which is expanding the product and service groups over time and creating new product groups, is applied for any product or service in all other sectors except food, beverage, pharmaceutical and medical products.

The criteria specified for the above types of service are generally valid for three to five years, as in the product group criteria. In case of ecological criteria, it is possible to review and renew it before the end of the period. If these criteria have been revised, it may be necessary to renew the contracts of the companies that have been granted permission to use the Ekomark © Tag. In this case, companies are usually given 12 months to comply with the new criteria.

If the period in which the criteria apply is extended, these contracts are automatically renewed until the end of the period in which the service criteria apply. In other words, companies that have obtained the permission to use the Ekomark © Tag can use these permissions until the expiry date.

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