Construction Materials Eco Certification

Countries applying the Eco-Label or environmental labeling system are obliged to identify the official bodies responsible for environmental labeling activities and to determine the duties, powers and responsibilities of these official bodies. Within this framework, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has been appointed as the authorized organization in the environment label system in our country. Within the Ministry, an Environmental Management System and an Environmental Label Branch Directorate was established under the General Directorate of Environmental Impact Assessment, Permit and Inspection.

In accordance with the European Union legislation, the nature, independence and impartiality of the organization in question are guaranteed. It is also responsible for the correct implementation of the European Union directive provisions.

Our company Ekomark © is aware of its environmental awareness, environmental sensitivity and responsibilities. Ekomark © Standard has been developed for this purpose. Within the product groups to which this standard applies, there is no product group specifically aimed at the main activity of the construction. However, the criteria for the paints and varnishes product group and the floor coverings product group were determined.

The paints and varnishes product range includes wood paints and related products, both developed and marketed for interior use, designed for both personal and professional use. To this product group, floor coverings and floor paints. In addition, paints colored on request, with paints specially prepared to meet the needs of consumers includes all decorative paints including primers and primers.

over the Ekomark © Tag It is proved that the amount of white pigments is low, the pigments are produced in accordance with environmental criteria, there is a very low amount of solvent release and the product does not contain heavy metals, carcinogenic or toxic substances.

In the same way, it is proven that more than 90 by mass of wood flooring is made of wood or wood-based materials. This criterion does not include wall coverings or facade coverings. Ekomark © Label products use recycled fibers or raw fibers from sustainable forests. The use of substances harmful to human health and nature is restricted.

In addition, efforts are under way to determine a number of new criteria for buildings under the Ekomark © Standard. In this study, three-stage criteria such as project and construction phase, usage and maintenance phase and repair and end of life phase will be determined. The purpose of these criteria is to limit the basic environmental impacts in the life cycle of buildings.

The criteria to be determined will encourage energy, water and material consumption limitation, waste production reduction and recycling, the use of environmentally friendly materials, the use of environmentally friendly materials and the proper management of buildings.

our organization © Ekomarinoperates with a sense of responsibility for the development and implementation of new criteria in buildings as well as in other product groups.

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