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Countries that are sensitive to environmental conditions and are concerned about leaving a more livable and cleaner environment for the future agree that economic growth should be independent of natural resources. In this respect, the European Union environmental tag system or eco-label system, designed by other countries such as the German Blue Angel and Nordic Swan (Scandinavian Swan) applications in our country by our organization and completely developed by considering the conditions of our country in an original way Ekomark © Standardhas made significant progress on climate change, energy efficiency, healthy or hazardous materials, natural resources and wastes (even if recycled).

our Country Ekomark © TagIn addition to numerous products, it also includes a number of services including campsites and tourist accommodation services. While determining the criteria for products and services, they are based on the whole life cycle from the design to the destruction and the effects on the environment are examined extensively. The validity period of these criteria is three years. Both the developments in science and technology, the new techniques and methods arising from them, and the developments in market conditions may require updating of the determined criteria.

When granting permission to use the Ekomark © Label for products and services, it is observed whether these criteria are met as well as meeting the best practice and performance conditions.

Cleaning products are among these product groups. The cleaning product group is an important item in Ekomark © Standard especially in terms of the chemical substances they contain in their formulas. This product group consists of five different categories:

  • General cleaners
  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Laundry detergents
  • Soap, shampoo and conditioners

However, in addition to cleaning agents, other product groups also contain chemicals. For example,

  • textile products
  • Paints and varnishes
  • Floor coatings
  • Growing media and soil conditioners
  • oils

Air pollution, inadequate water quality and hygiene and hazardous chemicals are among the most important health problems related to the environment.

The Regulation on the Classification, Packaging and Labeling of Dangerous Substances and Preparations in the 2008 was issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in our country on dangerous chemical substances. This regulation is based on the directives 67 / 548 / EEC and 1999 / 45 / EC of the European Union. The purpose of the regulation is to provide effective control and supervision against the adverse effects of dangerous substances and products on the human health and environmental conditions and to regulate the principles for classification, labeling and packaging of these substances.

While determining Ekomark © Standard, our company has taken into consideration the principles of this regulation. This standard covers the following products: medical products for human health or veterinary services, cosmetic products, foodstuffs, mixtures of waste materials, animal feeds, radioactive substances and products containing radioactive substances, medical devices having direct contact with the human body.

Companies carrying Ekomark © Label in their products and services will always have competitive advantage.

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