Aquaculture Eco Certification

Our company Ekomark © has designed Ekomark © Standard directly in accordance with the conditions of our country based on the environmental labeling system put into practice by the European Union in 1992. Products and services to demanding companies Ekomark © Tag The European Union complies with the criteria set by the European Union on the basis of product groups. If products and services comply with these criteria, they also allow companies to use the Ekomark © Tag, taking into account the best practice and performance conditions.

The most important factor in determining these criteria is the environmental impact of the products or services. In terms of human and animal health and environment, it is taken into consideration whether these products and services harm the nature or to what extent they are harmful. The environmental impacts that are generally taken into account when setting criteria are: environmental pollution, energy consumption and management, waste generation and management, resource use and depletion, natural resource management, biodiversity, ecological system health and human health.

Today, environmental pollution threatens the future of mankind. Green areas are gradually decreasing, and the ozone layer becomes thinner every day. Air pollution has reached extreme levels. In particular, water resources are severely damaged. All these negativities have created a sensitive public opinion in developed countries.

With the development of technology and industrialization, many different products have emerged in the world markets and many different methods have been obtained in obtaining these products. Therefore, in order to implement a sustainable environmental policy, it is necessary to be sensitive to the environment from the raw material input to production, distribution, consumption and recycling of waste.

As in the European Union countries, our country is more sensitive to environmental problems and public awareness is developing rapidly in this direction. In the markets, consumers' interest towards environmentally friendly products is also increasing.

our organization © Ekomarinhas developed Ekomark © Standard by acting with this responsibility awareness. There is no direct water group within the product groups to which this standard applies, but since there is a need for water in the production, use and destruction of products grouped in the environment label system, water is a basic comprising.

Companies using the Ekomark © Tag will have created a reputation for both their businesses and products and services. This also means new customers and new markets.

The European Union has initiated efforts to eliminate the differences in the practices of the member countries and to create a common system. Member States have adopted this label in their legal regulations but have nevertheless created their own national environmental label. Blue Angel in Germany and Nordic Swan in Scandinavian countries. In our country Ekomark © Standard In this way, it was developed completely in accordance with the conditions of our country. In this way, both application prevalence was desired and national product groups not included in the European Union Eco-Etike system were included in the system.

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