Agricultural Products Eco Certification

Our company Ekomark © has developed and put into practice the Ekomark © Standard in our country within the framework of the establishment and dissemination of various environmental labels initiated by the European Union in order to minimize the damages they cause to nature in the production, use and destruction of products and services.

Ekomark © Standard to develop, produce and market products and services that do not harm the environment. Ekomark © Tag It is intended to separate with. With the Ekomark © Standard, consumers are also aware of the negative effects of these products and services on the environment. There is no obligation for companies to establish Ekomark © Standard or any environmental labeling in their businesses. This system is completely voluntary. However, companies that offer products and services to the European Union should be aware of this issue.

In order to place Ekomark © Tag on the products and services offered to consumers, compliance with the criteria specified for the product groups in which these products and services are included is sought. In determining these criteria, various stages in the whole life cycle of the product are taken into consideration until the selection of raw materials for the product or service, production works, distribution, consumption and use are recycled when completed.

In our country, the Regulation on Good Agricultural Practices was issued by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in 2010. This regulation aims to ensure that agricultural production is carried out in a way that does not harm human and animal health and natural conditions. It also regulates the principles of good agricultural practices that will ensure the protection of natural resources, the traceability and sustainability of agricultural activities, and the provision of reliable products to consumers in short.

Again by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2010 Implementing Regulation on Principles and Application of Organic Agriculture was issued. This regulation, on the other hand, protects the ecological balance and regulates the principles for ensuring organic agricultural production and regulating, developing and expanding marketing conditions.

Both regulations aim to carry out agricultural activities in a way that will not harm human and animal health and protect the environment in our country.

Environmental label system initiated in European Union countries or Eco-Label In this framework, product groups have been established for the growing environment and soil healing materials and criteria have been determined.

When determining the criteria within the scope of growing environment product group, materials other than soil used in the environment in which the plants are grown are taken as basis. While determining the criteria within the scope of soil healing materials product group, the materials to be added to the soil were taken as basis in order to improve the physical properties of the soil, to protect the soil, to increase the chemical and biological properties of the soil and to increase the fertility of the soil.

Products manufactured in accordance with these criteria and bearing the Ekomark © Label have proven that recycled organic material is used during production, that it does not contain peat, that it does not contain bacteria, and that the soil is not contaminated with heavy metals or residual pesticides. At the same time, consumers are informed about the transportation and processing of the product.

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