What is Ecological Certificate

Ecological certification is controlled and certified products produced in industrial products and agricultural products without using any chemical inputs, additives and methods harmful to humans and the ecosystem at all stages.

The Regulation on the Principles and Implementation of Organic Agriculture was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2010. The purpose of this regulation is to determine the principles for the conduct of organic agricultural activities, the regulation, development and dissemination of organic agricultural production and marketing, and the protection of ecological balance.

The scope of the regulation is explained as follows:

  • Production of all kinds of herbal, animal and aquatic products
  • Producing or supplying the inputs to be used in accordance with organic farming methods
  • Yeast used as food or feed
  • Collection of products from forest and natural areas in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture
  • Processing, packaging, labeling, storage, transportation, marketing, control, certification and inspection of these products

Ecological product or organic product are certified products produced in accordance with the aforementioned regulation and its annexes, from seed to harvest and from harvest to the hands of the consumer, without using any chemical input or additive or method harmful to human health, that is, without harming living things and nature. .

By using ecological products, the right to consume healthy products in terms of mental and physical health and food security is benefited. Natural resources, especially soil, water and energy, are preserved. Nature has been used sustainably. The ecosystem is not damaged. Biodiversity is preserved. A healthier and more livable world will be left for future generations.

The ecological certified product label contains the following information:

  • Name of the product and certificate status
  • Name, logo and code number of the organization that controls the product and issues the certificate
  • Certificate number of the product
  • Farmer code producing
  • Harvest year, batch or serial number
  • Substances contained in the product
  • Production date, expiry date
  • Product weight
  • Production site and production permit
  • Statement that it is produced in accordance with the regulation
  • Product origin
  • Turkish label information on imported products

our organization © Ekomarindeveloped by © Ekomarin Within the framework of the standard and specified product criteria, to demanding companies Ekomark © Tag gives permission to use. Today, there are no food products in the ecological label system. However, studies are underway to include food products in the practice. All over the world, consumers want to get information about the sources and sustainability of the food products they use. Demands in this direction are increasing day by day and ecological label usage is on the agenda.

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