ECO Medical Ecological Medical Certification

ECO Medical Ecological Medical Certification ECO Medical Ecological Medical Certification

In today's medical practice, a field called medical ecology is mentioned. The field of expertise of this field includes thermal and mineral waters, muds, gases such as carbon dioxide, radon and hydrogen sulphide, and climatic conditions such as sunlight, oxygen and ozone, and different physico-chemical qualities and different ecological conditions. Medical ecology examines the human organism exposed to such effects and uses the beneficial and therapeutic elements of these effects. This field of medicine uses different pharmacological, non-pharmacological, balneological and natural treatment methods to protect, improve and treat human health. The important point here is the ecological testing and certification of the products in the field of medical ecology.

In addition, people's interest in natural products has started to increase so much that pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists have started studies to produce herbal medicine. In recent years, healthy life has become more and more expressed, and as people's efforts increase in this direction, people have started to escape from chemical drugs and turn to natural herbal remedies.

However, in the meantime, abuse of herbal medicine production is not made. However, it is necessary to position herbal products correctly in the market. First of all, herbal drugs, which are accepted as pharmacologically effective part of the plant, should be prepared for drug production. In the second stage, this raw material obtained from plants should be converted into drugs and turned into a brand and offered for sale in pharmacies.

At these stages, these products must be tested and analyzed medically and it is necessary to prove that they are an ecologically correct and reliable product.

Acting with a sense of responsibility, our organization participates in the preparation of medical products that will not harm human health, have a real therapeutic power and have no negative impact on the harm of nature with ECO Medical Ecological Medical certification studies. Businesses that respect human health and the protection of the natural environment and have a sustainable understanding of medical services can prove their status by obtaining an Ecological Medical certificate.

With an experienced and trained staff and a modern technological infrastructure, our company always provides quality and reliable services. One of the services provided within this framework is ECO Medical Ecological Medical certification service.

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