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In the current century, transparency has been the most important factor that has shaped the way businesses are engaged in trade, production and business. All information must be made available to the consumer, such as when, under what conditions and where a product or service is produced, which raw materials are used in production, how it is packaged and distributed, how it should be used, and how it can be disposed of and reused. In today's world where trade is so globalized, the life cycle of a product described above does not always occur within the national borders of a country. This cycle can cross the borders of more than one country. In this way, with its international expansion, every corner of the world forms a large network in terms of production, distribution and consumption. Therefore, the entire life cycle of the products needs to be kept under control with reliable and clear data and established criteria and standards.

Today this control traffic environmental tags can be provided with. Environmental labels have a critical role to play in monitoring this entire life cycle. Worldwide, the number of environmental labels is over three hundred. Although voluntary, environmental labels have increasingly become a key element of commercial activity and are recognized as a way of doing business.

Our company Ekomark © has developed the Ekomark © Standard with the same thoughts and sense of responsibility. Ekomark © Standard fully designed in accordance with the conditions, needs and legal regulations of our country.

Attached to products and services Ekomark © Tag The environmental impacts of these products and services are monitored and evaluated throughout the life cycle. In this way, Ekomark © Etiketi provides an important benefit in decreasing the risks of the enterprises, catching new opportunities, expanding its activities, ensuring continuity in the markets and entering new markets.

There is no product group specifically related to energy among the product groups to which Ekomark © Standard is applied. However, when the product groups specified for the criteria are considered individually, each product group requires the use of air, water and energy within itself. In this respect, the criteria for effective use of energy resources on a product basis should be considered separately.

Similarly, criteria for energy consumption and protection of energy resources will be determined for a number of product groups in which criterion development studies are in progress. Among these product groups are the following: office lighting products, home lighting products, home cooling products, heat pumps, desktop computers, laptops, printing machines, washing machines, heating systems, water consuming products, display devices, home cooking products, toys, sanitary products and fittings.

In these studies, our organization Ekomark © is doing its part. The world population is growing rapidly and resources are being consumed at the same rate. In this sense, people need to be more conscious about the efficient use of energy and environmental pollution. It is therefore important that consumers distinguish more environmentally friendly products and services than their counterparts. The Ekomark © Tag is provided for this purpose.

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